Our Gospel VISION

Redeemer Winchester exists to give every person in Winchester and the surrounding area the opportunity to encounter Jesus, experience community and be equipped to live all of their life under Christ. There are three elements to our gospel vision:


Encounter jesus

Jesus Christ is good news. He is good news for broken and sinful people and He is good news for a broken world. Jesus came into this world to make God known, to establish God’s life-giving rule and to freely give forgiveness and salvation to anyone who trust in Him. Therefore we are committed opening up the Bible so that we might see the truth, beauty, goodness and necessity of Jesus Christ. We realise that not everyone is convinced about Jesus and so we Redeemer is also a place where people can come and ask their questions and explore the claims of Jesus.


experience community

We want to express the wonderful community that Jesus brings us into by sharing not only our Sundays together, but our whole lives with one another. And God sends His church into local communities, so we are intentionally committed to Winchester and the surrounding area. We want to invest our lives in this area, serve those in need, and contribute to the progress and flourishing of this community.


Equipped to live

Jesus not only saves us for life in eternity, He saves us for life now. The gospel has an enhancing impact on every area of our life and through His Word Jesus equips us to live our whole lives for his glory and the good of others. Therefore we are committed to preaching systematically through the Bible and letting Jesus’ words shape our entire worldview. We aim to preach all of Christ, for all of life from all of Scripture.